What to do with Unripe Mangoes? Creative and Delicious Ways to Use Them!

What to do with Unripe Mangoes? Creative and Delicious Ways to Use Them!

Hey food enthusiasts! In this article, we’re exploring creative ways to use unripe mangoes, from tangy cooking and pickling to sweet desserts. Get ready to uncover a treasure trove of tantalizing recipes and unlock the potential of unripe mangoes in the kitchen!

Here’s a Quick TLDR

When dealing with unripe mangoes, you can place them in a paper bag at room temperature to speed up the ripening process. Additionally, you can place them in a bowl of uncooked rice or wrap them in newspaper to ripen more quickly. Once ripe, you can enjoy the mangoes as a delicious snack, in fruit salads, or as a topping for yogurt or ice cream.

Tangy and Tasty: Cooking and Pickling with Unripe Mangoes

When life gives you unripe mangoes, you don’t have to settle for sour disappointment. In fact, unripe mangoes are a culinary treasure trove waiting to be explored. Their tangy and versatile nature makes them a fantastic addition to a wide range of dishes and preparations.

Unripe Mangoes in Cooking

Unripe mangoes may not be the first ingredient you think of when contemplating savory dishes, but their tartness can add a delightful dimension to your cooking. They bring zing to curries, stir-fries, and salads, elevating the flavor profile and adding a refreshing twist. The tartness of unripe mangoes counterbalances the richness of these dishes, offering a pleasant contrast that tantalizes the taste buds.

When used in chutneys and relishes, unripe mangoes bring a unique blend of sweet and tangy flavors. These versatile condiments can accompany a wide array of dishes, from meats to vegetarian fare, providing a burst of flavor that takes the dining experience to the next level.

Pickling Unripe Mangoes

Another fantastic way to make the most of unripe mangoes is by pickling them. This traditional preservation method allows you to enjoy the distinct tartness of unripe mangoes long after their season has passed. By pickling them, you lock in their vibrant flavors, creating a tangy and addictive condiment that pairs perfectly with sandwiches, cheeses, and cold cuts.

Embracing the Versatility of Unripe Mangoes

With their ability to enhance both sweet and savory dishes, unripe mangoes prove to be an incredibly versatile ingredient in the kitchen. They can transform any mundane meal into a culinary adventure, and their tangy character elevates the entire dining experience.

So, the next time you come across unripe mangoes, don’t let their lack of sweetness deter you. Instead, embrace their tartness and unleash your creativity in the kitchen. Whether you’re whipping up a savory curry or preparing a zesty relish, unripe mangoes are poised to bring a burst of flavor and excitement to your culinary creations.

Sweet and Sour: Drinks and Desserts with Unripe Mangoes

When life gives you unripe mangoes, don’t just think about savory dishes. Unripe mangoes can also be the star of some tangy, sweet, and sour drinks and desserts. Here’s how to elevate the unripe mango’s flavor profile and turn it into delightful treats.

1. Tangy Smoothies

Unripe mangoes may lack the sweetness of ripe ones, but they make up for it with their tangy and slightly sour flavor. When blended into a smoothie, they add a refreshing zing that pairs perfectly with other fruits like pineapples, oranges, or strawberries. Not only do unripe mango smoothies offer a unique taste, but they also provide a good dose of Vitamin C. It’s the perfect healthy and flavorful way to start your day.

2. Zesty Cocktails

Unripe mangoes can be a game-changer in the world of cocktails. Their tartness and vibrant color make them an ideal ingredient for creating exciting and innovative drinks. Whether it’s a tangy mango margarita or a zesty mango mojito, unripe mangoes add a distinct flavor and flair to your cocktail creations. The next time you’re hosting a summer party, impress your guests with a refreshing and unexpected unripe mango cocktail.

3. Tart Sorbets and Jams

Who says unripe mangoes can’t satisfy your sweet tooth? When combined with sugar and a hint of spice, unripe mangoes can be transformed into tangy and addictive sorbets or jams. The natural tartness of unripe mangoes lends a unique character to these desserts, making them stand out from the crowd. Spread the unripe mango jam on toast for a zesty breakfast or indulge in a scoop of tangy mango sorbet for a delightful dessert experience.

4. Versatile Dessert Sauce

Unripe mango puree can be used as a versatile dessert sauce that complements a wide range of sweet treats. Drizzle it over vanilla ice cream for a bold contrast of flavors, swirl it into yogurt for a refreshing and tangy twist, or use it as a topping for cheesecakes and tarts. The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating unripe mangoes into your dessert repertoire.


Unripe mangoes may not be the first choice for sweet treats, but their tartness and versatility make them an exciting addition to drinks and desserts. From tangy smoothies and zesty cocktails to tart sorbets and versatile dessert sauces, unripe mangoes offer a delicious twist to your culinary creations. Embrace the unique flavor profile of unripe mangoes, and let your imagination run wild in the kitchen. Don’t underestimate the potential of unripe mangoes – they’re ready to bring a burst of tangy goodness to your recipes.

Pickling Unripe Mangoes for Later Use

Unripe mangoes may not be enjoyable for snacking due to their tartness and lack of sweetness, but they can be turned into a delightful culinary asset through the process of pickling. Not only does pickling preserve the mangoes for later use, but it also enhances their flavor profile, creating a tangy and versatile condiment that can be used in a variety of dishes.

The Art of Pickling

Pickling unripe mangoes involves preserving them in a brine solution, typically consisting of vinegar, salt, and spices. The acidity of the vinegar helps to soften the mangoes while infusing them with a complex blend of flavors, making them suitable for long-term storage. Additionally, the salt and spices contribute to the overall taste, resulting in a well-rounded condiment that pairs excellently with numerous dishes.

Utilizing the Green Goodness

Preserving unripe mangoes through pickling opens up a world of culinary possibilities. The tangy and slightly crunchy texture of pickled mangoes adds a refreshing twist to salads, sandwiches, and even cheese platters. Furthermore, they can be used as a zesty accompaniment to dishes like grilled fish or roasted meats, providing a burst of vibrant flavor that complements the main course.

Flavors and Variations

The beauty of pickling unripe mangoes lies in the ability to customize the flavor profile to suit individual preferences. From spicy, chili-infused pickles to sweet and tangy varieties, the options are vast. By experimenting with different combinations of spices, herbs, and sweeteners, one can create a personalized pickling recipe that perfectly complements their culinary creations.

Sustainable Approach

In addition to the culinary benefits, pickling unripe mangoes also aligns with sustainable practices by minimizing food waste. Rather than discarding unripe mangoes, pickling allows for their utilization, promoting an eco-friendly approach to managing surplus produce.


pickling unripe mangoes presents a flavorful solution to the challenge of using these tart fruits. By harnessing the power of pickling, unripe mangoes can be transformed into a versatile and sustainable ingredient that adds zing to a wide array of culinary delights. Whether as a zesty garnish or an inventive flavor enhancer, pickled unripe mangoes are a testament to the creative potential of this tropical fruit.

Versatility in the Kitchen: Unripe Mango Recipes for Every Meal

Unripe mangoes may not be the first choice for a quick snack due to their tartness and lack of sweetness, but they offer a world of culinary possibilities. From savory dishes to delectable desserts, unripe mangoes can be transformed into a variety of mouthwatering recipes that are sure to tantalize the taste buds. Let’s explore the versatility of unripe mangoes in the kitchen and discover creative ways to incorporate them into every meal.

1. Cooking and Pickling

One of the most popular ways to utilize unripe mangoes is by incorporating them into cooking and pickling. Their tangy flavor adds a unique and vibrant dimension to a wide range of dishes. Here are a few creative ideas to consider:

  • Chutneys and Relishes: Unripe mangoes can be transformed into delicious chutneys and relishes, offering a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. These condiments can complement a variety of dishes, from crispy pakoras to succulent grilled meats.

  • Savory Dishes: Unripe mangoes can elevate the flavor profile of savory dishes such as curries, stir-fries, and rice-based meals. Their tangy flesh adds a delightful zing to these preparations, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

  • Pickled Mangoes: Pickling unripe mangoes is a timeless preservation technique that allows you to savor their unique taste long after mango season has passed. The pickling process enhances their tanginess, resulting in a delightful accompaniment to meals.

Case Study: A popular South Asian restaurant incorporated pickled unripe mangoes as a side dish for their biryani, leading to rave reviews from customers who loved the tangy contrast it provided to the aromatic rice and flavorful meat.

2. Drinks and Desserts

Unripe mangoes aren’t just limited to savory preparations; they also shine in the realm of beverages and desserts. Their tartness adds a refreshing twist to drinks and a tantalizing flavor to sweets. Let’s explore some delightful options:

  • Smoothies: Blending unripe mangoes into smoothies creates a burst of tangy goodness that pairs beautifully with other fruits and yogurt. The result is a revitalizing beverage that is perfect for a hot summer day or as a post-workout treat.

  • Mango Cocktails: Unripe mangoes can be muddled or juiced to create vibrant cocktails that are both visually appealing and flavorful. Their tangy notes serve as a delightful base for tropical-inspired libations.

  • Sorbets and Jams: The natural tartness of unripe mangoes makes them ideal for crafting tangy sorbets and jams. These delightful creations are a symphony of sweet and sour, perfect for topping desserts or enjoying on their own.

Example: A local juice bar introduced a “Tropical Tango” smoothie, featuring blended unripe mangoes, pineapple, and coconut water. The tangy sweetness of the unripe mangoes became a customer favorite, creating a demand for more tang-infused beverages.

unripe mangoes are a versatile ingredient that deserves a place in every kitchen. Whether adding a tangy kick to savory dishes or infusing drinks and desserts with their vibrant flavor, unripe mangoes offer a delightful culinary adventure waiting to be explored.

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Final Thoughts

Unripe mangoes may seem like a culinary challenge, but they are actually a versatile ingredient with a world of possibilities. From tangy chutneys to refreshing sorbets, these underripe fruits can add a delightful twist to your cooking and dining experiences.

So, next time you come across unripe mangoes, don’t let them go to waste. Get creative in the kitchen and try your hand at pickling, blending, or cooking with them. Who knows, you might just discover a new family favorite!

I hope this article has inspired you to explore the potential of unripe mangoes in your cooking. Now, it’s your turn to experiment and share your delicious creations with friends and family. Embrace the versatility of unripe mangoes and elevate your culinary game with these inventive recipes. Happy cooking!

Share your favorite unripe mango recipes with us and let’s continue to uncover the endless possibilities of this versatile fruit together. Happy cooking!


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